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Memory Care

Memory care is a specialized care for people living with various forms of dementia to include Alzheimer’s . We do offer this care in secure environments where staff can closely monitor the health of our residents. We have developed programs, activities, and events that are designed to help memory care residents work on their cognitive abilities, while also getting to enjoy passions and hobbies.

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Diabetes Care

Through our network of Home health agencies and Hospice Palliative care arrangement we are more than capable of helping to assist someone who is suffering from diabetes

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Medication Management

One of the most important things that we can do for your loved one is to assist them with managing the various forms of medication that their healthcare Professionals have prescribed for them. Rest assured that we consider this priority one!

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Non-Ambulatory Care

As the Guidelines require we are fully capable of handling a two person assist as we are properly staffed, However AHCA guidelines indicate that a resident must be able to stand and Bare weight. This doesnot Mean walk. It simply means Standing and pivoting to a sitting position

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Devotional Activities

We are a Christian based organization and as such we do offer Devotional Services and Counseling, however it is not a requirement to be admitted In to our facilities.

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Meal preparation

Our Menus are prepared by a state licensed Dietitian and we Provide three meals per day and three snacks. Residents are allowed to keep food items in their rooms and additionally we try to maintain and eating schedule, however we are flexible in when a person decides to eat.

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